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 Frequently Asked Questions

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation is embarking on updating its database of all plots and properties in its area of jurisdiction. Property information is vital for the Corporation to plan and deliver more effective services, as well as for generating revenue from property taxes and service revenue.

The purpose of this survey is to visit each property, and collection information relating to the property and owner, which will include the measurements of all physical improvements to the property.

Once the survey is completed, each owner will be allocated a Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC) for each property, and this will then be used for all future reference to the property when dealing with the Corporation.

Surveyors with a valid ID card and proof of letter of authorization will visit your premise for survey. The surveyor will gather your property details, measure the property and collect all documents pertaining to the ownership and property. At a high level the following documents will be required:

  • Ownership Proof
  • Proof of identity (PAN Card, Passport etc.)
  • Proof of tenancy (if property is rented)
  • Rebate Proof Documents (if applicable)

The Surveyor will measure the property and confirm the use (Residential, Commercial etc) based on the details provided by you.

The survey exercise will help you in assessing your property correctly and build comprehensive property database for East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

You should provide him all details of your property that is required for the completion of the property survey. The Surveyor will also take photographs of your property and documents if required. Along with the information provided, you should also provide him all the required documents which are related to your property, ownership and rebates.

  • Your property will be inspected by a data collector to determine the use, measure the plot and covered areas, and request the certain information from you, as either the occupier or owner. This is done in terms of Section 77 of the DMC Act, which states:
    • “ (1) .. the Chairperson may require the owner or occupier of such land or building, or any portion thereof to furnish …
      .. the name and place of residence of the owner or occupier …

    • As to the measurements or dimensions of such land or building ….
    • (2) Every owner or occupier of whom any such requisition is made shall be bound to comply and give true information …”
  • You will be requested for the following documents for surveyor to click the photo:
    • Existing tax assessment notice with UPIC code.
    • Proof of ownership / address
      • Registered sale deed
      • Conveyance deed
      • Utility bill (Electricity / Fixed line phone)
      • Existing Property (House) Tax Receipt
    • Proof of area of property (provided no alterations are done on property since issue of such document)
      • Completion certificate from concerned authority (DDA / MCD)
      • Registered sale deed
      • Conveyance deed
      • Certificate from an MCD empaneled architect
      • Architectural Plans / Drawings
    • If you claim any exemption / rebate on property tax
      • Proof of your age in case rebate for senior citizens is being claimed.
      • Certificate from Authority prescribed under the Disability Act, 1995 for disabled persons.
      • Proof of ownership in case rebate is being claimed for women owned property.
      • Proof of being an ex-serviceman in case rebate is being claimed.
      • Evidence of use of building for application of use factor being claimed, including certification of use for chargeable / non-profit purpose from the A&C Department

If the property owner refuses the Surveyor access to the property, then the Surveyor will estimate the use, condition and measurements of the property. Also, the owner will not be able to claim any rebates on the property as no proof of information will be able to be provided to authenticate such claims.

It is also noted that in terms of the legislation, “Whoever omits to comply with any such requisition or fails to give true information or to make a true return to the best of her / his knowledge or belief, shall, in addition to any penalty to which he may be liable, be PRECLUDED from objecting to any assessment made by the Chairperson in respect of such and or building of which he is the owner or occupier”

Therefore it is incumbent on owners/lessors to ensure that the access to the property and the information required is provided.

Data World Consortium, a company with international experience in property data collection has been appointed on behalf of East Delhi Municipal Corporation to conduct this survey. The surveyors will have ID Proofs and Letter of authorization from East MCD.

Every effort is being made to ensure that the Surveyors are reliable and trustworthy. Please check the Identity Proof of Surveyor before allowing them the access of your home. You can call our customer care number for validating the surveyor, or visit the website.

You should check ID Proof (issued by East Delhi Municipal Corporation) of the Surveyor, and a letter of authorization from East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Please call the Call Centre helpline to know the detailed process of submission of property details through post or email.

No this drive is for assessing your property details. It does not have any relation for Voter ID or colony regularization.

The purpose of this survey is create a comprehensive database of properties and owners in EDMC area and collect as is property information. The purpose is not to detect / penalize unauthorized / illegal construction, encroachments etc. The information collected here will not be used for imposing penalties etc. but neither does it in any manner regularize or legalize any such construction or alteration.

Any vacant land or building shall be deemed to be used for agricultural purposes, if such land or building is situated in the agricultural or rural zone in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan for Delhi in force, and if; such land in accordance with the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other agricultural products, or such building is used solely or partly for the storage of crops, or food, wool or other agricultural products, or for sheltering animals, as aforesaid. No vacant land which is appurtenant to a farmhouse shall be construed as agricultural land, and such land shall be liable to property tax.

In case of change in the occupancy / use factor a fresh self-assessment return may be filed informing about the change. This can be done online or visiting your local EDMC Office.

For portions of properties constructed in different years falling in different blocks the corresponding age factor for that particular block would apply to the relevant portion. The annual values for such portions would have to be calculated separately and added to arrive at the total value.

You will receive a UPIC kit containing

  • Assessment Reoprt, showing details captured at the time of survey
  • UPIC Card, having upic and pin to register on website
If there is any discrepancy in the assessment form, you will be allowed 7 days to file an objection with proof of such discrepancy, which will then be verified by the Surveyors before it gets finalized and approved.

Yes, if the owners / occupiers do not agree with the assessment on ground of factual errors on measurement, ownership, use etc. they must object within 7 days of receiving the "UPIC kit" along with the documents to prove their claim. A reference to UPIC must be made on all objection applications.

Further, appeals against the levy of assessment or revision of assessment of any tax shall lie to the Municipal Taxation Tribunal which can be applied for online or any EDMC municipal office. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the date of the assessment notice.

This is Unique Property Identification Code, issued for your property. A unique number will be assigned to your property that will help you to avail municipal services.

The UPIC card is very helpful to avail municipal services. You can find your property details on MCD website through this card. You can file or modify your property tax return online if you have this card.

The citizen having property in East Delhi Municipal Corporation area is only eligible to get UPIC Card. Note that each property is allocated a UPIC, and in the case of owners having multiple properties, they will receive a Card for each property.

The representative from East, DMC will visit your property to collect your property information. On basis of your property information you will get your UPIC Card. In case your premise is locked, please visit East Delhi Municipal Corporation, Community Centre, Block-12, Ward No. E024, Geeta Colony, Sahadara South Zone, Delhi-110031.

You need to submit the ownership proof of your property at the time of data collection. It could be either registered sale deed, conveyance deed, electricity Bill, fixed line telephone bill or Municipal Tax receipt. In case you need to avail any rebate, you have to submit the relevant proof.

The card is totally free for first time. If for some reason, you need to get a new one, it will cost Rs 71.

You will get a UPIC within couple of months of the completion of survey at your premises. Please be patient, a surveyor would certainly visit your premises. If it has been more than 2 months since the survey has been completed at your premises, please call the UPIC helpline number to report your issue stating the date of visit, name of surveyor, your property address and name of the owner.

If all properties in your neighbourhood have received UPIC then your premises may have been locked at the time of survey or someone at your premises refused entry to the surveyor, you may still call the UPIC helpline to inquire if your property has been covered and request an appointment to furnish information about your property and schedule a visit.

If your property is occupied, you may simply instruct the occupier to cooperate with the surveyor, provide copies of requisite documents and furnish your current address for correspondence / contact details. The UPIC will be delivered at you premises which you can collect from the occupier subsequently.

Property Tax is collected to enable the Municipal Corporation to perform obligatory functions such as registration of births & deaths, lighting, watering & cleansing & maintenance of public streets and other public places, establishment & maintenance of and aid to schools for primary education, securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places, construction, maintenance and cleansing of drains and drainage works and scavenging, removal and disposal of garbage, providing primary health services etc.

The Municipal Corporation also performs various discretionary functions such as planting & care of trees on road sides, establishment of maintenance of and aid to libraries, museums, art galleries, botanical and zoological collections, relief to destitute and disabled persons, establishment in maintenance of veterinary hospitals and taking measures to promote public safety, health, convenience or general welfare.

Property Tax is leviable on all buildings and vacant lands in Delhi except exempted categories such as vacant lands or buildings or portions thereof exclusively used for the purpose of public worship, public burial or cremation grounds, heritage lands & buildings etc.

The Property Portion Area System is a simple arithmetical system of calculation of property tax based on the covered area of the building and the property portion area value for the category in which the building is.

Property tax on any land or building is primarily leviable upon the owner of the property. However, in case of land or building which is not self-occupied and where the owner is constrained by any law or order of a court of a law for recovering the tax due, such tax shall be recovered from the occupier of the property and the owner shall continue to pay such amount of tax as he was liable to pay before the coming into force of the Property Portion Area System and only the balance amount shall be recovered from the occupier.

Properties which have not been assessed to tax in the earlier system would be liable to pay tax from the date of coming into force of the new system only.

Yes. In case of tenanted properties being used for non-residential purposes, the occupancy factor would apply in addition to the non-residential use factor.

Yes. However, the rateable value on which the one-time tax was paid would be deducted from the annual value of the property calculated under the Property Portion Area system to arrive at the net annual value on which tax under the new system would be charged. Also, the deduction is subject to the condition that the ownership, use or structure of the property has not been changed since the payment of one-time tax.

No. only one rebate in addition to early payment rebate for senior citizens/women owned properties/physically challenged persons/ex-servicemen can be availed, even if a person is eligible for more than one rebate/concessions.

Yes. This rebate can be availed for properties owned singly or jointly by two or more persons all of whom should be in either of the above categories. In case of joint ownership, the rebate would be applicable to the proportional area owned by the person eligible for the rebate. Rebate would be given even if the covered area exceeds 200 sq. mtrs. but the area above that would not get any rebate.

The formula for calculation of tax is
(Covered Area x Property Portion Area Value x Age Factor x Use Factor x Structure Factor x Occupancy Factor) + (Vacant Land Area x Property Portion Area Value x Use Factor x Occupancy Factor x 0.5)

Vacant land tax is applicable if the built-up area is less than 25% of the plot area

Property tax becomes due on the 1st of April each year. Tax can be paid either in one lump sum in the first quarter of the year i.e. up to 30th June which entitles you to a rebate of 15% on the tax due. Alternatively, tax can be paid in for equal quarterly instalments. For late payment beyond the instalment date of each quarter a penalty interest of 1% per month is chargeable which must be added to your arrear payments.

Interest at the rate of 1% per month would be chargeable from the next quarter for delayed payments.

Properties which have not been assessed to tax in the earlier system would be liable to pay tax from the date of coming into force of the new system only.

The current initiative is to get your property assessed on the basis of the details that you will provide to our representatives. Your assessed property will help EDMC in building and revalidating the details of the property. Based on the details provided, you will be issued a UPIC Card which will be used for all the future transactions.

The detailed assessment showing the calculated annual property tax will be delivered to you at your premises in form of UPIC kit.